JAWS - Rules / Logistics


$30 per team, includes 1 shirt, and awards.



Saturday, September 28th – Main Event

Staging Location
Bigfoot Beach State Park

1550 Lake Shore Drive

Lake Geneva, Wi 53147

  • 6:30AM meet at tournament starting location. Big Foot beach for rules review.
  • 7:00AM divers will leave starting location and travel to their first dive location. Diving is not allowed until 8:00AM.
  • 8:00AM official dive time begins, and you may enter the water.
  • 12;30PM official dive time ends. All divers must BE OUT of the water and be on shore by 12:30PM. Getting out of the water late will DQ you team, please be out on time.
  • 2:00PM all divers must be checked in or be disqualified. Meet at KCs to check in and weigh in.


Saturday, September 28th – 4:00PM

KC’s Cabin

309 Illinois Route 173

Spring Grove, IL 60081

Awards and raffle/silent auction at Event Venue. You may purchase a meal or the buffet. Food is not included at this ceremony to save families on Banquet prices.



  • No boats of any kind during the tournament. Boats are allowed for scouting.
  • This is an individual event.
  • This event is freediving, only flashers may be used but NO CHUMMING is allowed at any time.
  • Docks are private property. Being IN THE WATER around the docks is perfectly legal.
  • NO fish may be shot in the event area 30 days before the event. This will result in a disqualification for that individual. Practice shooting fish at the designated practice area.
  • Filleting fish and casting remains in the Lake is illegal. It is also Illegal to dispose of fish in the Lake.
  • The use of GPS, fish finders, and cell phones for time, is legal for the event and scouting days. Each diver is allowed only 10 scouting days, within 30 days of the event.
  • One diver must tow a buoy with a flag for safety, as there can be boat traffic. Fish hauling devices are legal, such as buoys or boogie boards.
  • Divers from opposing teams may dive the same region safely.
  • Fish that are judged more than a day old or rotting will not be counted, divers with multiple rotting fish may be disqualified.
  • Adults may help divers in any way except pulling the trigger.
  • Adults are responsible for safety, and making this a great experience, no matter the fish or awards.
  • Teams may bring backup gear, guns and stringers, but only one gun may be loaded at a time.
  • If you shoot extra fish they may not be discarded in the lake, please bring to the weigh in.
  • By signing the Waiver, you understand this is a potentially dangerous sport and that you are responsible for you and your buddy.


Species limits and Scoring

  • 10 Rock Bass and 10 Panfish are allowed per diver and are scored 1 point per fish and 1 point per pound. List of panfish includes: (sunfish / bluegill, crappie, perch, etc.)
  • 10 carp are allowed and are scored 2 points per Carp. Carp are scattered and deeper.
  • Weigh your biggest fish, for big fish awards. Big fish also break ties for individuals.
  • More than 10 fish may be shot in these 3 categories to up grad your weight or big fish. But no fish may be disagreed in the lake, All extra fish should be brought to the weigh in.


In the event of a protest, protester must submit protest in writing within ½ hour of completion of weigh in (preferably earlier!) along with $100.00 cash. The $100 protest fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

One representative from each club or region will be present at the weigh-in will have a vote on the protest committee.

The NFSA event Director will oversee the protest allowing each party 5 minutes to explain their side. Any decision of the protest committee is final.


Practice Shooting Area

Practice shooting areas are shown on the map below.

Area includes the 5 most northern and southern docks on Big Foot Beach. Please only shoot at these 10 total docks.



Tournament Logistics

Lake Geneva is located 60 mins west of Milwaukee, WI on the boarder of Illinois. It is approx. 1 hour drive from Milwaukee MKE airport and O’Hare ORD airport in Chicago.

There are 21 miles of shoreline to dive from and 6 public boat launch access points to reach the water, as well as numerous public beaches.

The Geneva Wells Motel has offered us a discount on the 23 rooms. They look simple and are about 1/4mile north of Big Foot State Park.  $79 a night for Sunday-Thursday, $129 Fri-Sat. This is 50-80% saving on most facilities in the near and far region. Call DAN 262-248-1809 and mention the fishing event and the rate. There should be no extra charges.

There are several large resort type lodging accommodations in the area as well as a nearly infinite amount of vrbo, Airbnb, hotel and camping options within 20 miles of the lake and town.

There is a no wake zone ringing the lake for approx. 100 yds from shore making this a suitable shore-based swim out event.

If you need lead for your weight belt, please make arrangements with the tournament director.

Water Temp: 70 – 75 degrees

Visibility: +30ft