JAWS - Rules / Logistics


Events will be hosted annually and may be connected to other events like WFSC. This event can be hosted in any waters around the world that are suitable for inspiring new divers to engage in our sport: rivers, freshwater, saltwater...
For safety, Junior divers (under the age of 18) will always dive with an experienced adult diver 18+ years old.
Events may be 1 or 2 day events and may be held for as many hours each day as is safe. Hosts will determine this based on the location.
Any organization may host this event each year as long as the calendar is open and they can host this event in a safe and professional manner. NFSA is the current governing board and will assist with locations and website
There will be 2 junior divisions based on the number of participants. Host will determine the age split based on the kids signed up.

The A division will be the older divers typically 13-17.

The B division will consist of the younger divers, typically 6-12.
Their age at the time on the event is the age they use to dive in the event.

Trophies will given to at least the top 3 junior divers in each division. In addition youngest diver, girl divers, biggest fish, smallest fish awards maybe be given.
NFSA will act as the host for the first event Sept 28, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. New locations, calendar, and rule changes or alterations need to go through the NFSA Committee.


All junior divers and adults must stay together at all times. In the water, on shore, on a boat.
All state and local water rules will be enforced.
Event rules are flexible to allow teams and divisions to best utilize the local waters and fish.
No chumming is allowed at any time by anyone for these events. The host, however has the final decision on this chum rule if it will help new younger kids to shoot fish.

At least one large divers flag 12" x 12” will be with each team at all times.
Adults may help in any way except for pulling the trigger on the fish.
Scores for each division and location are left to the hosts to make it fair and fun.
This is a freediving event. But Hosts may allow scuba if the region permits it and it will enhance the event.
Winners of each division will be allowed free entry fee to the next event, and will act as our ambassadors to help decide on new locations and promotions in social media.