Founded in 2008 to represent the spearfishing community in local, national and international competitions and provide resources to grow our sport.

About Us

The National Freshwater Spearfishing Association (NFSA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the sport of spearfishing. Our mission is to mentor new divers on the safe and ethical practice of harvesting game for consumption. We focus on educating the public on sustainable fishing methods and work with state and local wildlife departments to improve regulations and promote proactive fishery management.

Our organization comprises members throughout the United States. We are committed to the spearfishing community with a primary focus on the safety of our members. We are actively engaged in the growth of freshwater spearfishing both at home and abroad by regularly hosting events to encourage greater involvement. 

It is the objective of NFSA to:

  • Work with State and local agencies to educate and promote a better understanding of spearfishing and the selective and responsible nature of our sport.
  • Mentor others in the safe, productive, and responsible use of our aquatic resources.
  • Work with biologists, and fish and game enforcement agencies to gain more access and fair use of our marine resources.
  • Actively promote environmentally friendly activities that work to clean our environment and help manage our resources.