Annual Tournament schedule

World Freshwater Spearfishing Championships

This is the “Super Bowl” of Freshwater Spearfishing! A flexible and fair tournament concept, designed to get more spearfishermen involved in competing against other countries on the World Stage. The First Event was held in 2017 in Lake Mead, Nevada. Each location has its own unique
species and challenging format to determine who is “the best of the best in Freshwater in the World!”

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National freshwater spearfishing tournament

The premier Freshwater Event in the USA is sponsored by the National Freshwater Spearfishing Association. It is designed to see who deserves to be crowned the King and Queen of the Freshwater! The top competitors of this event over a consecutive 2-year period are chosen to represent the USA in the World Freshwater Spearfishing Event. It is held at a different lake every year, and every 4th year it is backed by the USOA as their National Tournament as well. Each location for Nationals is unique and challenging, offering a different species, and method / structure of spearfishing to be successful. Past lakes hosting the Nat’s: Lake Powell, Lake McConaughy, Beaver Lake, Lake Mead, Lake Pleasant

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Starvation Reservoir Regional Event

Located in Duchesne, UT the Starvation tournament is focused on Walleye and Carp, with an occasional trout mixed in. The lake is exceptionally clear pre-runoff and the big walleye are post spawn in relatively shallow conditions. It’s a fun venue with camping and comradery close at hand, but we ask spearos to respect the slow growing nature of these fish, and self-restrict shooting the big slow growing breeding females which can be over 30 years old. Studies show that Walleye over 26-1/4” are 99% female.

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Fish Lake Regional Event

In the beautiful Fish Lake National Forest of Central Utah, sits a crystal clear gem sharing the same name. It’s home to an abundance of Kokanee, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Splake, Suckers and Tiger Muskie. The current Womans World Record Tiger Muskie was shot there during one of our events by Maya Finlinson.

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Lake Powell Regional Event

A man-made reservoir on the Arizona and Utah border, it teems with aquatic life! Zebra and Quagga muscles filter the water way leading to exceedingly clear viz up to an incredible 40’! Carp up to 40 pounds steal the show here in the south, but on the northern end of the lake Walleye are incredibly common as well. Striped bass up to 30 pounds have been speared, as
well as good sized large and smallmouth bass. Panfish and catfish are great eating, and fun targets for the youth to try their hand with a pole spear.

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Top dawg online freshwater spearfishing tournament

Join us online for a virtual tourney! Spear qualifying fish and record their lengths on our handy dandy app! Youth species and prizes are a bonus to get that grom frothing on spearfishing as well!

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Every year our sponsors support our association with donations of spearguns, gear, educational material, spearfishing charters, and more! See our complete list of sponsors.