JAWS - Upcoming events

In 2024 NFSA (National Freshwater Spearfishing Association), will be hosting the USA Freshwater Nationals on September 27th in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
This is a one day event that is shore based and is open to all international divers. Teams are 2 divers per team and there are 4 divisions: Mens, Womens, Mixed, and Masters
On September 28th, JAWS will have Its first annual event. All Junior divers will have an experienced adult dive buddy that can support the junior with everything but pulling the trigger. These are fun learning opportunities that focus on equipment, safety, and learning new environments and different fish. Awards are give for the 2 different age groups.
JAWS hopes to have the 2025 World Juniors event in the USA, Arizona in April.
And in 2026 we hope to be in either with South Africa or New Zealand. Watch for details here.